A campaign is a set of individual email messages that are sent to your subscribers. An example may be a new product launch or a regular newsletter.

Before creating a campaign, the following must already be configured:

View Campaigns

To view a listing of your campaigns, click the Campaigns link in the sidebar. This will take you to the campaigns index page.

Starting New Campaigns

Navigate to the campaigns index page and click the New Campaign button.


Campaign Name

A friendly name for your campaign that is only used within SendPortal. It helps you properly distinguish one campaign from another. An example may be "Newsletter - May 2020".


The subject of your campaign email. This is what your mail recipients will see in their inbox, so you should try to keep it clear and concise.

From Name

Also known as the the email sender name. This tells the mail recipients who sent the message.

From Email

This is what your mail recipients will see as the "from" address. This should be an address that you have ownership of and must match the settings for the selected email service.

Template (optional)

The template that you wish to use for your campaign email.

Track Opens

Determines whether or not individual email opens are tracked. If you wish to track opens, webhooks must be configured for your email service.

Track Clicks

Determines whether or not individual email clicks are tracked. If you wish to track clicks, webhooks must be configured for your email service.


The body of your campaign email. This is what gets sent to your subscribers, so make it good!

The content can include tags. To understand what tags are available to you, see the Tags section of the Templates documentation.

Once you have filled out the form, click Save and Continue. Your campaign will now be marked as a Draft.

Sending Campaigns

Campaigns are dispatched from the preview page.

Test Email

It's good practice to send out a test email before you dispatch your campaign. This allows you to see how your email will appear to your recipients and offers an opportunity to pick up on any mistakes you may have made. To send a test email, simply enter an email address in the Recipient field and click Send Test Email. It will be dispatched using your configured email service.

Sending Options


You can choose to dispatch your campaign to your entire subscriber list or those with specific tags.


You can schedule your campaign to be dispatched immediately or at a later date and time.

Sending Behaviour

You can specify one of two sending behaviours for your campaign:

  • Queue Draft - this will generate each of your messages as a draft and requires you to dispatch each email individually from the Messages section. This is a good idea if you want to double check how each email will display prior to sending, especially if you're using a complex template that may result in each email varying from subscriber to subscriber. We do not recommend this option if you have a large list of subscribers!
  • Send Automatically - this will generate your messages and dispatch them automatically.